FAE are delighted to work on your Wind Chimes. No matter where they came from, or from what they may have been made, no matter what has happened to them, FAE can support your Wind Chimes.

FAE are there for you, no matter what comes.

Repair Support

FAE can repair almost any kind of Wind Chime. With professional experience in fine instrument building, advanced degrees in Theoretical Physics, General Philosophy and Computer Science, your Chimemaker has never been stumped by a Wind Chime.

Contact your chimemaker at fae dot earth for any Wind Chime related needs.

Reconditioning Support

No matter who makes a Wind Chime, and no matter how well it is designed, built, and maintained, eventually it will need to be rebuilt. It is usually the suspension lines that are first to go.

Your FAE Wind Chime will last its longest when given Reconditioning every ten years

Chimemaker at fae dot earth

It is best to recondition your FAE Wind Chime before failure. FAE recommend replacing your outdoor Wind Chime’s synthetic lines once per decade. This can be done by any owner who can tie a Figure-Eight Knot. FAE can of course handle this for you, simply ship your FAE Wind Chime to us in their original tube.

You may not have to replace the lines of a FAE Wind Chime kept indoors for easily 20 to 40 years, and possibly up to 80 years, depending on the conditions. When you do, FAE are here for you.

Reconditioning Includes:

* Suspension Line Replacement
* Chime Restringing
* Cleaning/Hand-oiling of Wooden Components
* Replacement of Worn/Rusty Hardware

Reconditioning Can Also Include Upgrades:

* Metal Cladding for Wooden Components
* Cleaning & Polishing of Chimes & Axle
* Zinc Coatings
* Chime Tuning or Re-Tuning

FAE love to recondition a Wind Chime.

Tuning Support

FAE are here to give your chimes a tuning, if you wish. The chimes do not have to be made by FAE. We are happy to give your Wind Chime their best sound!

Please bear in mind that tuning options may be limited based on your specific combination of Chimes. But we promise to choose tuning which protects your Wind Chimes, and helps them live as long as possible.

Custom Design Support

FAE Wind Chimes can definitely meet any custom requirements for a Wind Chime.

Note Selection alone offers an owner countless options.

Tuning makes a difference, whether you want your chimes to match the music you listen to, or want a Wind Chime tuned to match a frequency of your choosing, we can hit your target and build your Wind Chime the way you want it.