St. Michael’s Healing Copper Wind Chime (1/2 in)


Artisan-crafted Wind Chime made of ethically sourced teak, military-grade lines, and eight pure, U.S. copper pipes. Tuned using A4=432.1Hz with the intention to assist in healing.

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Inspired by the archangel Michael, this handcrafted Wind Chime, proudly made in the U.S.A., boasts ethically obtained teak wood, durable military-grade paracord hanging lines, and eight pure copper chimes, each 1/2 in/13mm in size. Carefully hand-tuned to A4=432.1Hz, it’s designed to promote healing through its harmonious sounds.

Designed for Sound

Setting a new benchmark in Wind Chime design, FAE Wind Chimes redefine excellence. Every element of your St. Michael’s Wind Chime is meticulously curated for optimal sound quality and durability.

Uniquely, our Chimes are bottom-aligned, ensuring the Striker connects with the most sonorous part of the Chime. This innovative design might give FAE Wind Chimes an “upside-down” appearance, symbolizing our avant-garde approach to the industry.

Our distinct star-shaped Striker is crafted to enhance multiple chime contacts, trading off a bit of volume for richer sound. While the star shape poses a crafting challenge, at FAE, we believe it’s the ideal Striker form. However, if you prefer fewer, more pronounced strikes, a Round Striker is also available for purchase.

Made For Life

The design philosophy behind FAE’s St. Michael’s Wind Chime is rooted in longevity—envisioning a Wind Chime that endures not just for decades, but hopefully for multiple generations. This sentiment mirrors our wish for trees, plants, and animals to flourish across time. Every component in your Wind Chime is selected with this enduring principle in mind.

Crafted from 99.9% pure copper sourced from the United States, the chimes in the St. Michael’s Healing Wind Chime are meticulously constructed, fine-tuned, and personally signed by the Chimemaker. Designed for longevity, they’re expected to gracefully weather the outdoors for 50 to 100 years without any upkeep. Over a span of one to two years, the chimes will adopt an aged penny’s patina, eventually forming a protective layer of copper oxide, akin to that seen on premium copper roofs. This protective layer is anticipated to shield the chimes for a century. For those who prefer the chimes’ initial rose gold hue, they can be effortlessly restored using any reputable cymbal cleaner.

At FAE, we’re convinced that Teak (Tectona grandis) is the premier choice for wind chimes designed to stand the test of time. This dense wood not only delivers a crisp, resonant sound but is also naturally weather-resistant, ensuring longevity. That’s why our Chimemaker measures the life of our wind chimes in decades rather than mere years.

The suspension lines in FAE Wind Chimes are crafted from Paracord, akin to the robust cords used in military parachutes and other critical applications. While these lines are built to last up to 10 years outdoors, they can endure an impressive 70 to 80 years indoors.

Though certain proactive measures can be taken by adept owners to enhance the lines’ resistance against the elements, FAE lines are also straightforward to replace as part of a decennial maintenance routine. While any owner proficient in tying a Figure Eight Knot can execute this, FAE offers a comprehensive Wind Chime rebuilding service for added convenience.

Inspired by Church Bells

The chimes featured in the FAE St. Michael’s Healing Wind Chime draw inspiration from the bells housed within St. Michael’s Anglican Church in Charleston, South Carolina.

As Charleston’s most ancient edifice, with its construction culminating in 1761, the church’s bells boast a rich history. Originally forged in 1764 by the renowned Lester and Pack of London, they echo a timeless resonance that has graced the city for centuries.

Guarded by Angels

FAE are miniature seraphim, or angels, with a fondness for wind chimes. It’s believed that these ethereal beings watch over your Wind Chime, adding to its longevity and ensuring it resonates for years to come.

While the Chimemaker doesn’t promise a fairy will actually accompany your Wind Chime, he didn’t tell her she couldn’t either.


Many concur that our bodies experience optimal healing during the profound, meditative slumber, a time when we release growth hormones essential for repair.

FAE holds the conviction that intentional sound therapies – encompassing chimes, bowls, gongs, and other instruments – can usher in a similarly deep, meditative state, amplifying the body’s innate healing prowess.

With this therapeutic vision in mind, every St. Michael’s Healing Wind Chime is meticulously handcrafted.


Tuning to A4=432.1Hz aligns with the tonalities of classical Indian music, the Earth’s annual cycle, and even Jupiter’s orbital resonance, as outlined in The Cosmic Octave.


There’s a prevailing belief that specific frequencies can aid internal healing, as these vibrations often mirror the Earth’s yearly revolution around the Sun.


Studies indicate that certain frequencies of purposeful ultrasound can regulate toxic bacteria. We concur with this notion, suggesting that the harmonies from your Wind Chime not only promote your body’s natural healing but might also help in diminishing toxins.


A FAE Wind Chime is not merely pipes but a musical masterpiece. Moreover, the true essence of musical instruments shines when they are deliberately tuned.

The notes, frequencies, and names of your St. Michael’s Wind Chime, as well as any relation to frequencies as found in the book The Cosmic Octave:

NoteNameFrequency (Hz)Planetary Frequency
2F6Cherubim1371.51Earth Platonic Year (172.06Hz)
4C#6Dominions1088.57Earth Year (136.10Hz)
8F#5Michael726.53Jupiter (183.58Hz)


This Wind Chime is what FAE call a “Six Scale,” which generally indicates the Wind Chime’s size.

The line connected to the Top Ring is approximately 30 ft/9 m.

The distance from the Top Ring to the Support is approximately 18 in/45 cm.

The Support, from which the Chimes are hanging, and the Star Striker is nominally 6 in/15 cm in diameter and approximately 1 in/25 m.

The eight Chimes range in length up to about 12 in/30 cm.

The distance from the Support to the Striker is approximately 18 in/45 cm.

The length from the Striker to the bottom of the Sail is approximately 18 in/45 cm.


Your FAE Wind Chime is pre-hung and packed in a suspended state, complete, and ready for installation, inside a heavy-duty cardboard tube. You will simply open the tube at its Top, and pull the Wind Chime out by its Top Ring, which will already be connected to a 10 yd/10 m suspension line you can use to hang your Wind Chime from a ceiling hook or a tree limb.

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Additional information

Weight2.72 kg
Dimensions61 × 20 × 20 cm





Pure Copper

Chime Diameter

0.5 in/1.27 cm


Not clad


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