FAE 6-Scale Teak 8-Point Star Striker



A Striker is the part of a Wind Chime that hits the chimes to create sound. The Striker is moved by a Sail. The Sail is moved by the wind.

This 8-Point Star Striker is the factory replacement for the St. Michael’s Healing Wind Chime.

This 8-Point Star Striker should also work with any 8-note Wind Chime of approximately six inches in diameter. It is the perfect replacement for a typical Round Striker that measures approximately 4 or 5 inches.


Where money is no object, Teak has proven itself the ultimate hardwood for durable exterior structures. This has been proven again and again in the shipbuilding industry, for centuries.

Its density also makes Teak a perfect material for a Wind Chime’s Striker. The same reason xylophone keys are made from exotic hardwoods, so too your Wind Chime sounds best when exotic hardwoods are employed.

FAE only uses responsibly-sourced, exotic teak hardwoods from renewable plantations.  While this tends to increase our costs, it is a choice with which FAE are happy. Teak is the wood that helps your Wind Chime last as long as humanly possible. Rainforests are not destroyed in the making of your FAE Wind Chime.

Hand-Oiled Durability

FAE Teak Strikers set the world-wide standard for Wind Chimes. The best wood choice for any Wind Chime is Teak, and to help preserve it as long as possible, your Teak Striker is hand-rubbed with pure Lanolin Oil.

You can use any oil to refresh your Wind Chime’s Teak hardwood at any time. Even spraying it down with aerosol canola oil once a year will help your Teak Striker stand the test of time.

You can also have FAE Recondition or Rebuild your Wind Chime, no matter who originally made it, and no matter what might have happened to it. We won’t judge.


“Scale” is the FAE way to say its Support diameter is approximately six inches. This way, it becomes easy obtain replacement parts armed only with the Scale number, in this case 6-Scale. If you need a new Sail and don’t know which size to get, you can’t go wrong with a 6-Scale Sail, which will also be approximately 6 inches in diameter.

That doesn’t mean a 6 inch diameter Striker will work with your six inch diameter Support. The striker would need to be a bit smaller than six inches in diameter, to allow the Chimes clearance room. That’s also why a 6-Scale Striker isn’t quite just a Size 6. A true Size 6 Striker would be too big for a Size 6 Support.

This FAE 6-Scale Teak 8-Point Star Striker works with Chimes that are either 1/2″ or 3/4″ in diameter.The hole in the center of the Striker is 1/4 inch, ready to accept a FAE Striker Axle.

The larger the Scale, the greater the cost. This tends towards a volumetric increase in costs, so doubling in Scale will increase the costs by a factor of four.


With its eight-pointed star, which nestles perfectly between its eight chimes, you will get maximum strikes at a slightly softer level when comparing to a traditional Round Striker. The Star Striker is perfect indoors or outdoors.



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