St. Michael’s Healing Wind Chime (1/2 in Copper w/ Cladding)


Artisan-crafted Wind Chime made of ethically sourced teak, military-grade lines, and eight pure, U.S. copper pipes. Tuned using A4=432.1Hz with the intention to assist in healing.

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Named for the archangel Michael, this artisan-crafted Wind Chime is made in the U.S.A. and features military-grade paracord suspension lines, eight, 1/2 in/13mm pure copper chimes, hand-tuned using A4=432.1Hz, and 16 gauge pure copper cladding atop the teakwood Support Ring and Striker.

Designed for Sound

Revolutionizing Wind Chime design, FAE Wind Chimes bring a new standard. Each design element of your St. Michael’s Wind Chime has been chosen to maximize sound quality and lifespan.

The Chimes are aligned at their bottoms, to allow the Striker to hit the best-sounding part of the Chime. This makes a FAE Wind Chime look upside-down, which is what we’ve done to the industry.

The Striker is star-shaped to maximize the number of contacts it has with the Chimes, perhaps at the cost of loudness. While clearly more difficult to make, FAE believe a Star is the perfect Striker shape. You can always purchase a Round Striker for fewer, louder strikes.


Made For Life

The FAE St. Michael’s Wind Chime design is based on the idea that one might want their Wind Chime to last many decades and, it is hoped, many generations. This is in the same way we want trees, plants, and animals to exist for many decades and generations. Each choice of component in your Wind Chime is made considering this key point.

Made of 99.9% pure, United States copper, the chimes used in St. Michael’s Healing Wind Chime are built, tuned, and signed by the Chimemaker. They should easily last 50 to 100 years outdoors; easily, and without maintenance. Over perhaps a year or two, your chimes will darken like an old penny, and finally gain an outer layer of copper oxide, similar to any high-quality copper roof. This layer of copper oxide should protect the chimes for one hundred years. The copper chimes can also be cleaned with any good cymbal cleaner to keep them looking their original rose gold color.

FAE believe Teak (Tectona grandis) makes the best overall choice for a wood in Wind Chimes meant to last multiple decades. Very dense, it strikes cleanly for a louder sound. Weather-resistant, Teak wood has the best chance for the longest duration of life. That’s why your Chimemaker calculates Wind Chime Life in decades, instead of just years.

The Paracord used as suspension lines in FAE Wind Chimes is like that used in military parachutes, and other life-and-death applications. While the lifetime of a set of lines might be 10 years outdoors, they will likely last 70 or 80 years indoors.

While certain maintenance steps can be undertaken by the handy owner to treat the lines for extra protection from the elements, FAE Lines are also easy to replace as part of once-per-decade maintenance. This service can be performed by any owner who can tie a Figure Eight Knot, but FAE can Rebuild Any Wind Chime.

Inspired by Church Bells

The chimes used in the FAE St. Michael’s Healing Wind Chime are designed in consideration of the bells of St. Michael’s Anglican Church (Charleston, South Carolina).

The oldest structure in Charleston, having completed construction in 1761, its bells were originally cast in 1764 by Lester and Pack of London.

Guarded by Angels

FAE are tiny angels (seraphim). And FAE love a good Wind Chime. Therefore, it stands to reason that there are fairies guarding your Wind Chime. This only helps your Wind Chimes last longer than they would without such attention.

While we don’t promise a fairy will actually accompany your Wind Chime, we didn’t tell her she couldn’t either.


Few would argue that our bodies heal best during the deep, meditative state of sleep, when we produce growth hormones that will enable maximum repair.

It is the belief of FAE that intentional sound baths, meditations, and prayers  including chimes, bowls, gongs, and more, can induce a similarly deep, meditative state that can maximize the body’s ability to self-heal.

It is with this healing intention that each St. Michael’s Healing Wind Chime is hand made.


Tuning with A4=432.1Hz coincides with that of classical Indian music, the Earth Year, as well as Jupiter‘s orbit, as calculated in The Cosmic Octave.

It is thought that certain frequencies also assist with internal healing because these systems tend to resonate at frequencies similar to that of Earth’s annual orbit around the Sun.

It has been shown that toxic bacteria have been controlled by certain frequencies of intentional ultrasound. We agree, and believe the notes of your Wind Chime can also function to assist your body with its own healing while potentially reducing toxins.


More than just pipes, a FAE Wind Chime is a musical instrument. Further, musical instruments sound best when tuned intentionally.

The notes, frequencies, and names of your St. Michael’s Wind Chime, as well as any relation to frequencies as found in the book The Cosmic Octave:

NoteNameFrequency (Hz)Planetary Frequency
2F6Cherubim1371.51Earth Platonic Year (172.06Hz)
4C#6Dominions1088.57Earth Year (136.10Hz)
8F#5Michael726.53Jupiter (183.58Hz)


This Wind Chime is what FAE call a “Six Scale,” which generally indicates the Wind Chime’s size.

The line connected to the Top Ring is approximately 30 ft/9 m.

The distance from the Top Ring to the Support is approximately 18 in/45 cm.

The Support, from which the Chimes are hanging, and the Star Striker is nominally 6 in/15 cm in diameter and approximately 1 in/25 m.

The eight Chimes range in length up to about 12 in/30 cm.

The distance from the Support to the Striker is approximately 18 in/45 cm.

The length from the Striker to the bottom of the Sail is approximately 18 in/45 cm.


Your FAE Wind Chime is pre-hung and packed in a suspended state, complete, and ready for installation, inside a heavy-duty cardboard tube. You will simply open the tube at its Top, and pull the Wind Chime out by its Top Ring, which will already be connected to a 10 yd/10 m suspension line you can use to hang your Wind Chime from a ceiling hook or a tree limb.

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International shipping is available via USPS Priority Mail.



Additional information

Weight2.72 kg
Dimensions61 × 20 × 20 cm





Pure Copper

Chime Diameter

0.5 in/1.27 cm


Not clad


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