FAE Wind Chime Sail (10-Scale, Round)


Why overthink it? A standard, round, 10-Scale FAE Wind Chime Sail with Free Shipping works perfectly.


Why overthink it? A standard, round, 10-Scale (approx 10 inch diameter) FAE Wind Chime Sail with Free Shipping works perfectly. Replace all your Wind Chime Sails.


A Wind Chime’s Sail catches wind and translates it into Striker motion, meant to play the Chimes.

A FAE Sail is made from laser-cut, arctic birch aircraft plywood connected to the Wind Chime by way of an extremely strong stainless steel solid wire; usually about as long as the Sail is wide.

A large brass swivel clasp connects the Sail and its wire to your Wind Chime. Simply connect your new FAE Wind Chime Sail to your Wind Chime’s Striker Swivel.


As a Rule of Thumb: Match your Wind Chime’s Support Ring diameter to a Sail’s diameter. For lighter winds, use the next larger scale, with no more than two degrees of difference between the Ring and the Sail.

An “10-Scale” Wind Chime would work best with a matching 10-Scale Sail, which is approximately 10 in/25 cm in diameter, and both will also be stamped with the number ’10’. For lighter wind, a 12 or even 14 Scale Sail would work very well.

It never hurts to add to your Wind Chime’s “Sail Wardrobe”; you never know what might work best or when you might need a spare.

Will my FAE Wind Chime Sail last forever?

Not at all, that is why we offer them as cheaply as possible. In fact, they sometimes start to warp, but these warps actually tend to improve your Sail’s functioning. Judge the results of the Chime’s sound over looks of the Sail.

That said, we expect at least a full year of service with no issues for any FAE Wind Chime Sail, no matter how extreme the service.

If you need a sail that lasts much longer, consider a FAE All-Metal Sail which should offer at least 100-200 years of service with no maintenance.


Can I build my own Sail?

Yes! Don’t be afraid to build your own Sails! Please remember our Rules of Thumb:

Concentrate on lightweight Sails. Heaviness just makes the wind less effective.

Hanging a Sail closer to the Wind Chime is better than hanging a Sail farther from the Wind Chime.

Think about using feathers, or complete wings, or propellers; but think about using light things.

The ultimate sail will be a thin ring of wire as large as possible that is wrapped with a ridiculously thin piece of reinforced plastic. Look at advanced sailcloths used in yachting.


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